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Fighting to Preserve Our Freedoms and Protect Children from Gender Ideology

About Stephen

Stephen is a pro-life candidate who will fight for school choice, for Second Amendment rights, and for limited government. He is an advocate for protecting gender-confused children from puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormones, and disfiguring surgeries and often takes to the sidewalk. He has worked with people across the political spectrum to post billboard messages as well as collaborated with feminists to keep men from invading women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and women’s prisons, and from stealing their spots on sports podiums.

Stephen’s Priorities

Let Kids Be Kids

Boys and girls who don’t meet sexual stereotypes are egged on by social media and therapists down a one-way path of chemicals and surgery that leave them with disfigured bodies and life-long regret. We need to work together to protect children from gender ideology. 

Women are Female

Gender identity laws have left women no sex-based rights. Any man who identifies as a woman can invade women’s sports, locker rooms, and prisons. Let’s define “women” as adult human females and preserve women’s sports and private spaces.

Protect the First Amendment

Legislators and bureaucrats force teachers, students, and public employees to use preferred pronouns, and demand that even schools pretend boys are girls if they say so. I will work to preserve our most basic rights.


“Stephen Scaer has been a strong advocate for the protection of life, religious liberty, education choice, and parental rights.”

Shannon McGinley

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